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DSP-FILTERS DESIGN Pack for Palm OS 5 1.0

DSP-FILTERS DESIGN Pack for Palm OS 5 1.0

DSP-FILTERS DESIGN Pack for Palm OS 5 Publisher's Description


DSP-FILTER DESIGN Reference Pack for Palm OS 5 is an IDEAL, UNIQUE combination of THREE POPULAR EDUCATIONAL/ TECHNICAL REFERENCE products. And, it is available at 44% OFF compared to individual products:

"Basic Digital Signal Processing Reference" for Palm OS 5 - $20.95
"FIR Filter Design Reference" for Palm OS 5 - $23.95
"IIR Filter Design Reference" for Palm OS 5 - $25.95

TOTAL COST of individual products - $70.85

Price of this PACK - $39.95. Hence, 44% OFF on $70.85.


Basic Digital Signal Processing Reference

Wide range of topics that are covered in this essential ready reference tool are

  • Signals and Systems
  • Fundamentals of DSP
  • Time Domain Analysis
  • Frequency Domain Analysis
  • Pole-Zero Analysis
  • Digital Filters

Signals and Systems

Definition, Classification and singular functions are covered under the Signals.

Classification in turn consist of classification based on

    • Mathematical Continuity [Continuous signal and Discrete signal]
    • Periodicity [Periodic signal and Aperiodic signal]
    • Symmetry [Even signal and Odd signal]
    • Predictability [Deterministic signal and Non Deterministic signal]
    • Energy Content [Power signal and Energy signal]

and Singular function includes Unit Impulse, Unit Step and Ramp functions.

Definition and Classification are covered under Systems.

Classification of Systems is explained in detail based on

    • Mathematical Continuity [Continuous and Discrete]
    • Linearity [Linear and Non Linear]
    • State [Static and Dynamic]
    • Predictability [Causal signal and Non Causal signal]
    • Stability [Stable and Unstable]
    • Time Invariance [Time variance and Time Invariance]

Fundamentals of DSP

Fundamental concepts such as Time Domain Response, Frequency Domain Response, TD Vs FD, Sampling [Types (Low Pass, Band Pass) along with Aliasing Effects], Quantization [along with Quantization error] are covered under this topic.

Time Domain Analysis

This topic consists of Convolution and Correlation. Convolution consists of details such as Definition, Properties, Types and Equations. Correlation includes Definition and Types of Correlation [Cross and Auto Correlation].

Frequency Domain Analysis

The range of topics such as Fourier Transform [Inverse and Parseval''s Theorem], DFT [Definition, Properties and Equations], FFT [Definition, Types (DIT-FFT, DIF-FFT)], IDFT, Fourier Series are covered.

Pole-Zero Analysis

The concepts of Frequency Response, Laplace Transform and Z-Transform are covered in this topic.

Digital Filters

Go through the concepts of Digital filters using this option, that consist of definition and Classification based on impulse response [FIR and IIR]

Basic Signal Processing Concepts are just at your fingertips, click now with Basic Signal Processing Reference.


Design FIR filters with required specifications and visualize the frequency plot and time plot. Frequency Plot and Time Plot are displayed with just a click!

Vital Features

  • Designing a Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Band Pass Filter, Band Stop Filter is just with few clicks.
  • Various Windowing techniques viz., Rectangular, Bartlett, Hamming, Hanning, Blackman are available.
  • Time Response coefficients and Frequency Response coefficients are shown separately.
  • Frequency plot is displayed with just a click.
  • Time plot is displayed with just a click.



Design IIR filters with required specifications and visualize the Frequency Response, Impulse Response, Phase Plot and Co-efficients with just a click!

Vital Features

  • Designing a Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter is just with few clicks.
  • Order of the filter (upto max. of 18th order) can be chosen by the customer.
  • Impulse Response co-efficients, Phase Response co-efficients and Frequency Response coefficients can be viewed with a click.

Benefits of DSP-FILTERS Pack

  • Handy, Time Saving tool to calculate Filter parameters.
  • Excellent learning tool for beginners.
  • Provides concepts on Signal processing and filters for academic and professional use.
  • Improves professional productivity.

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